Mon parcours


Ma peinture

Joëlle Kem Lika
My personal journey


I kicked off at age 17.
The discovery of Indian philosophy and Buddhism gave me a direction. It has definitely influenced me all through my personal work and my career as a therapist.

I put "change" on my list, and personal evolution, through self-knowledge.
I understood that that inevitably meant profound personal work.

At the age of 21 I studied Sophrology for two years with François Gay, himself trained by professor Caycedo, the creator of Sophrology.
Training recognised by Doctor Jacques Donnars.

Most people are fairly familiar with "static" relaxation, this means lying down working with positive imagery and thinking ; but know less about "dynamic" relaxation of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree : this is done standing up, preparing a meditative state, very efficient and that I have been using for 30 years.

After this initial training, I realised I would not be able to avoid getting involved in psycho-therapy and a university training in psychopathology, which I took at Université de Paris VIII.
I chose Paris VIII because it was Jacques Lacan's faculty and it's Department of Educational Sciences was very rich (at the time) with new therapy techniques and theories : Bioenergy, Gestalt and Transactional analyses originated in the US.

I wanted to be a good Sophrologist and, motivated by what I discovered through psychology, I got involved ever more in my psychology training.

The subject of my thesis was : "The bulimic-anorexic woman and her inner child" for which I have worked for a year with Professor Aimez, manager of the Department of nutrition at Hôtel Dieu in Paris. He was the first scientist to talk about "bulimic vomitors" and to publish a daring questionnaire in female magazines that we have studied.

Simultaneously, I have discovered African dance… sheer happiness !
And an awareness of the body... the body schema in the rhythm of the percussions...
Eleven years at the American Centre, boulevard Raspail in Paris...
I am certain that African dance has favoured my body awareness and helped me find back the pleasure of living.

For my personal therapy, I chose Transactional Analysis...
Five years of individual and group sessions with a psychotherapist, on top of a formal training by Isabelle Crespelle Université de Paris VIII.

I pushed further : eight years of psychoanalysis, on top of weekly seminars of dream analysis with a Jungian psychoanalyst.

And then I wanted to become a therapist, and to work with a woman. For five years I have worked with a Somato-analyst, a real revelation, the body and the mind !!

Two weekly psycho emotional group sessions, a weekly individual session, and a monthly group weekend.

The final step of my training was great fun : N.L.P. (Neuro-linguistic programming)
The pleasure of again discovering and learning new techniques, a very pragmatic way of working, two years of training with an American therapist.

I am detailing all of this because I do not believe in a single theory, a single technique :

psychology with emotional and physical,
relaxation without connections and analysis,
meditation without therapy,
those are partial advancements, disconnected.
At some point, we must assemble...
assemble ourselves...
Our body and our Pulse of Life.

I have done 15 years of personal work with 5 therapists.
I have 25 year's experience as a psychotherapist and sophrologist. And I keep working on myself every day.

All this work has given me a strength,
a pulse of life,
and the taste to transmit, to help.

I have spent my life and my therapist career waking, within every adult, a pulse of life, a creative and free part, that very often slumbers deep down in our being... for various reasons

Emotions are what make us alive, that give us the strength to move forward, and our joy of life will propel it all.
I have applied my profound convictions to myself,
et voilà... at the age of 60, I have concretely realised my most fundamental dream :
to live by what I feel deep inside, my inner self, my Pulse of Life, every day, constantly. The result of 35 years of working on myself, decades to succeed, and I am at peace today...

In fifty years I have experienced quite a few things… events… more or less dramatic… like every other fifty year old…
Thanks to this inner axis, to the meaning I have given to my life, I continue... respecting my values and profound convictions...

In August 2009, I have completely stopped my activity as a psychotherapist and sophrologist, in order to dedicate myself entirely to painting, and to give free rein to my creativity...
including the creation of my CDs...
I love to paint, just like writing the texts of my CDs, to live moments of poetry, in the pleasant surroundings I have created...
I have opened an art gallery in Paris in March 2010, third venue where I sell my art work.

I navigate between my country home, my ocean side house and Paris...
every day a joy...

My galleries and studios allow us to meet, to take the time to listen to my CDs…

Joëlle Kem Lika - portrait